Samples of NICA sanctioned competitions & other non-sanctioned events held all over the country between December and March every year. NICA is the National Ice Carving Association. See for the Calendar of events & maybe come join us for a spectacle when we travel by your home town....!!

 Fairbanks, AK hosts the annual BP Ice Art Championships in late Feb - early March. They offer a single block and multi block event. Singles are teams of 2, captain and artist. Multi Block consists of 1 captain and 3 artists. Single lasts 2.5 days approx. and multi is a six day event. for more

2015- 2nd Place SB Abstract "DreamWeaver"

and Peoples Choice Winner

2016- 4th Place MB Abstract "Meeting of the Minds" and Facebook Fan Choice Winner

2017- 5th Pl SB "YOUR MOVE" and FB Fan Gold

   On that special day, or the engagement let the master tailors handle the gown, we will handle the "Ice"..Or let us provide a top notch demonstration or themed event.

 Your favorite beverages always "go down" cooler when applied to an ice luge & your wine/champagne is always well received when "cooled then pulled" from an Ice Block Holder. We do anything the Food Service Industry requires including buffet servers, ice bars, and much more.

Please view and enjoy these samples of art produced over the years by David A. Smith unless otherwise noted

From dessert tables, to shrimp servers, sushi platters, to liquor bars and wine holders.....We can cool down any catered/special event.