Our Story

“The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has.” 
― Michelangelo

About: Owner - Artist

 David A. Smith "Pablo"

      When it comes to the world of art, David has "walked a few miles"...and done so gladly. Drawing, painting, and computer graphics have always been a part of his life, adding glass blowing, pyrography and metal work along the way.... Now focused on sculpture of a unique variety. Ice, Sand, Fruit, Pumpkins, and more.
      David earned a culinary arts degree and while doing so met a master Ice Sculptor, the rest is history. David earned a bronze medal in his first five attempts at NICA competition, the fifth- earned 1st place, then made the required jump to Prof Ice Carver in just One calendar year. Humble pie was served at Mt. Holly NJ in his first pro competition, in the form of a crashed sculpture, and the lesson was learned. 
     The next 25 straight entries into NICA competition have earned David a medal, and 3rd place Pro National Champion 2012. As well as numerous speed carving victories and peoples choice awards.
      In 2013 the FOOD NETWORK recognized and invited David to compete on the broadcast "Halloween Wars 3", in which his team, the Psychotic Misfits, took 2nd in the Championships after a hard fought month.
     David competed in the 2014 and 2015 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, AK with Team Ice Age led by Edwin Hutchison, and also in the 2015 Single block as captain of Team Frost Lion Ice Plus where David and Tator TOOK 2nd Place in ABSTRACT and did so in true Frost Lion fashion, being their first attempt at single block big ice. Stay tuned for more from the Lion in competition and on the big stage.

  After the solid run on the Food Network.. (Finalist on the show Halloween Wars 3)....Frost Lion was born out of our love of art and expression, FROST LION Ice Plus is the place imagined and brought to life by David A. Smith (truecamelion.com) with the help of FORMER Artist partner Edwards,  to harness the power of creativity and display the splendor of the "carving arts".


   There is a large "void" in the world of event sculpture in our area and with the help of apex carving artists and a melting pot of experience and imagination, we will not just fill, but overflow the expectations of all who call upon the Frost Lion.


    We aim to turn your event, party, class, demo, etc into an Axis of Wonder to be remembered for generations to come. It is our pride as artists, our dedication to supreme quality, and our pool of talent than you have been waiting for. Now, let the "Kings of the Carve" sculpt your dreams into reality...!!!   #needs refreshed , priority 2